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Welcome to 5 Stones Publishing

For over twelve years, our team of layout artists, designers, editors and book coaches have brought books into print and digital publication. You will find our staff helpful and friendly. To date, we have published over 250 titles in 25 languages.

Our History

We began publishing in 2002 while we were missionaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We found the Christian church there to be so small that they were not being served with effective publishing and therefore had virtually no Christian books. The more we thought about Christians having no relevant discipleship materials the more we became committed to making sure that books and other materials would become available to all that needed them.


We want to make this process straightforward yet effective. Part of this is assuring that all prices for our products are affordable while at the same time maintaining a budget that allows our operation to continue. We do this through the unique capabilities that state-of-the-art on-demand publishing allows.

The On-Demand Process

A majority of our publications are POD (Publish On Demand). This allows us to print only the materials needed instead of incurring the cost of traditional typesetting and set-up costs required for printing thousands of copies at a time. We can keep the cost low even when we only require a handful of copies for targeting small and unique communities.

A non-profit with a heart for unique people groups

In 2007, we started this 501(c)3 corporation to help ministries, missionaries, organizations and teachers that have an interest in extending the Kingdom through publishing. We have a group of faithful supporters that help our ministry continue. This allows us to pursue our purpose of moving life critical information to those that need it most. At the same time, we offer reasonable costs while our methods and quality of service work to provide a positive experience  and profit for our authors as we bring their books to print.

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