The Publishing Process


The Publishing Process

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Step 1 – Manuscript Preparation

We accept manuscripts in the following formats: RTF (rich text format) Microsoft Word(.doc or .docx) Open Office Writer (.odt). You may also submit a .txt file. If you are using an alternate word processor, it may be possible to save it in one of these formats.

Step 2 – Pastoral Approval

Most books we publish are from a theological/Christian world view. Your book must be read and approved by your pastor or a credentialed church leader. Our publishing company/ministry has a limited scope to the type of book we publish. We are not looking for new doctrine, but effective ways to communicate Biblical truths to this generation. Therefore, the content of your book may not conflict with our statement of faith. It is important to us and our authors that we maintain the good reputation we have developed for 5 Stones Publishing.

Step 3 – Manuscript Submission

When your manuscript is submitted to us via email, we will gauge its length using our layout software. Once this is done, a price quote for editing, layout and design will be sent to you. Since some of the expense in working on your book is done on a per page basis, this allows us to calculate what your book will cost to complete.

Step 4 – Contract Agreement

Upon acceptance of the price quote, a book contract agreement will be sent for you to sign.  The publishing process will begin after the agreement is signed and we have received half of the payment due on the invoice for services to be rendered.

book stackStep 5 – Book Cover Creation

The cover is an important aspect of the publishing and marketing process. If you do not provide a cover of your own, we charge $100-200 to design and create a book cover for you. The cover designer will have a phone or email interview with you to ensure we capture the essence of your vision. The cover will be finalized after you are given a chance to review the image and make any necessary changes.

Step 6 – Book Layout

Our book layout designer will begin working on the interior of your book while the cover is being designed. Interior design  includes: table of contents, header text, page numbers, and even pull out quotes.  Please submit any forewords, quotes, endorsements, comments and all text required for the back of the book ahead of time so we may include them in our design.

Step 7 – Final Proof and Distribution

In this last step you will be sent a final copy for proofreading and editing for any necessary changes your book needs before it is sent to the printer. You may then order as many copies as you need of your final approved version, whereupon we will set up your book for sale in the bookseller system among online book vendors and send you the first set of books you have ordered.