A Practical approach to theology

After more than 30 years of ministry, I find myself still trying to get a handle on what it’s all about. By “it’s” I mean my walk as a “Christian” or better put as a “disciple”. I much prefer disciple because I am not quite sure what the word Christian means anymore. Well, let me put that another way. I am perfectly clear at what I think Christian means but I am almost sure that you, my reader most likely doesn’t share my definition and on the other hand, maybe you do share my definition the problem is I just don’t know.

Let me explain, I have been asked a few times over the years “are you a Christian” while I normally will answer in the affirmative, I still have a little hesitation when I do answer. not because of a doubt about me being a Christian but because I am wondering on the chosen definition of my questioner. Ask the average women, or man on the street what is a Christian not only will you get many answers but you will get a wide range of answers. In many cases, the average person on the street has many adjectives to pick from. Homophobic, narrow-minded, bigot and the list can go on. This can be shaped by the media that is becoming more and more anti-Christian. So when given the opportunity to explain I will choose to explain that I am a disciple of Christ, and I won’t just blurt that out either because a particular cult has adopted that “disciple of Christ” label for their own.

I am really wanting to take this question straight on. What is “being a Disciple” really means. That is what I hope to do in the blog. We will take on many topics and I really hope you enjoy it and come back. I will be using video when possible and will do short (hopefully short) articles as well.

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