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The Lost Arts of Christianity

Bartholomew, Mike







Revelation Brought Down to Earth

Biela, Frank

Throughout the centuries, the book of Revelation has captured people’s imaginations. They want to understand how God will bring history to a close and will usher in His future eternal reign. Few however, attempt to read this book for themselves, and to those who do, often find themselves bogged down in complex imagery. In his book “Revelation Brought down to earth” Frank Biela utilizes a direct verse by verse approach that draws together the breadth of Old and New Testament Scriptures, historical research, an analysis of prevailing interpretations, and just plain common sense. My hope is that this book will inspire you to follow Mr. Biela’s lead, to courageously explore the book of revelation for yourself, and bring the rich truths of this book “down to earth”.






Bozji Poziv za Samca

Cavanaugh, Michael, P.

Language: Croatian — Original Title: God’s Call to the Single Adult
The book clearly shows that God has a plan and purpose for single adults of all ages. Mike Cavanaugh has had this clear message to single adults for over 20 years. In his book he shares how singles can reach there God given destiny. Mike Cavanaugh is a sought after communicator around the world. He has spoken in several Countries, he is the President of Elim Bible Institute in Lima, NY.





Is She The One?

Cavanaugh, Toby

There will come a day in your life when you get down on one knee, pull out the ring and pop the question. Of all the decisions you make in life, you don’t want to regret that day. H. Jackson Brown, Jr., author of Life’s Little Instruction Booklet, says, “Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery.” Using humor, personal stories and biblical principles, Toby Cavanaugh reveals nine tests that will help you navigate the dangerous waters of picking a wife without wrecking your life.







Chorey, Michael

How to have victory over sin.








Chorey, Michael

Language: Spanish
Cómo obtener la victoria sobre el pecado






A Mighty River

Chorey, Michael

Many Christians do not understand how the Holy Spirit works, what grieves, quenches, hinders, or moves the Spirit. “A Mighty River” will take you into the Scriptures to teach how the greatest gift the Lord has ever given His Church operates. When the believer understands the function, agency and operation of God the Holy Spirit, then this Mighty River will flow in his life. “A Mighty River” is the sequel to the book CrossEyed, also written by Michael Chorey.






No Tares In This Wheat

Costello, David A

“No Tares In This Wheat” is based on the Apostle Paul’s writings in the Book of Romans. Romans 10:17 “…so then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” As you read the word, and then speak it, you’ll hear it, and faith comes. This book was designed so that you can read the scriptures as they are presented in the Book of Romans.






A Solid Foundation

Dowler, David









It’s Time to Grow Up

Deir, Costa








Laži koje žene vjeruju

DeMoss, Nancy, Leigh

Language: Croatian — Original Title: Lies Women Believe







The Answer for Life

Fiorini, Donna

Our soul shapes our ability to think, forms what we believe and how we feel. Through it we filter the events of life, creating our perceptions which activates our behaviors. We make decisions based on our feelings which are not always telling us the truth, effecting the lives of the people around us. Then we bring these patterns into our relationships, raise our children with them and they are carried on to future generations. In this self help book I openly share my quest for ‘answers’ to my own internal struggles and my journey to overcome life’s issues. I will show you step by step; why we have the problems we do, how to dismantle toxic thoughts and emotions that have negatively impacted the direction our life has taken, and show you how to find peace and live the blessed life.




The Answer For Life Workbook

Fiorini, Donna

Do you struggle with negative thoughts and feelings? Do people push your buttons? Do you circle the same mountains despite your best efforts? Do you have wounds that still ache years later? Do your relationships need help to be as healthy as you’d like? Do you feel it’s taking too long to get where you want to be in life? What would we see if we could x-ray our soul? Just as tree experts can tell the history of a tree by its rings, an x-ray of our soul would show our experiences in life, the good times and the bad that have made impressions deep in our being, creating our internal blue-print.





Good Enough

Foster, Eric

Deep down, most of us wonder if we are really good enough to get into Heaven, Will you “pass the test?”







Journey From Religion To Relationship

Foster, Eric

Many view Christianity as a set of rules and obligations that will somehow earn God’s favor. Some attend church on Sunday but don’t follow Jesus’ teachings during the other six days.. God desires to be in a close, personal relationship with us. As we follow Jesus and make our relationship with Him the center of our live. Come Meet Tim as he finds himself pursued by the living God. Watch his life unfold and see him learn who God is and ho he can truly follow Him.





Survivalist Family Prepared Americans for a Strong America

Fox, Joseph

Just what IS a “survivalist family”? instead of “survivalist family” we could say “prepared family” or talk about “family preparedness” but that is just so politically correct it makes one sick. Just because the media don’t like survivalists and therefore vilify them does not mean we have to change our language. For our purposes, the Survivalist Family is defined as, “A multi-generational group of people living in one house (usually consisting of a father, mother and their offspring) who take positive steps as a cohesive group to prepare for possible future negative situations and circumstances beyond their control.” This book will guide you through all that is necessary to be prepared for future uncertainty.





For Such A Time As This

Gilchrist, Kirk

Have you ever read a book that could change the course of history? Ever heard the claims? This book will challenge you to do just that. Throughout its pages you will be encouraged and strengthened to be a viable force of change. Your church and your area will never be the same as you put into practice the truths that are experientially written in this book. How often have you read a book about a large area doing great things for God and been discouraged because you are a small or medium sized church? Or perhaps you live on a city block or live in a rural area and can’t see how to do it in your geographical area. This book will allow you to see how a church of any size in any area can change the entire region you live in.






Antes de IR

Hempfling, Jack

Language: Spanish — Original Title: Before You Go
This is a Spanish Devotional for those going on a short (or longer) mission trip. It is a 40 days of refreshing and preparation as one prepares for the field. This devotional has been widely used by several organizations getting their teams ready to go. Your Church or Group will be blessed. (now in this Spanish version)






Blessed Friction

Hill, Brad

More than anything, I’ve come to believe this…what we believe about ourselves matters. what we think God believes about us matters… what we believe God believes about all people matters…and yes, they’re incredibly connected. This book says It matters. It all matters.






In the Clear

Hill, Brad

“There are moments of clarity…truths that whisper to you about your life…or heart…or relationships.Many times we can run from them…or ignore them…even when they’re pounding….even when they scream underneath. But then…there are moments of clarity…clarity…that’s impossible to ignore. I suppose you could…but it would take serious work…and a lot of Fireball Whiskey.” Brad believes that “Life Should Work”, “In the Clear” reflects that Belief into the reader.






The Unveiling of Jesus Christ

Ienuso, Rich

Pastor Rich Ienuso’s book, The Unveiling of Jesus Christ, provides a clear, easy to understand walk through the Book of Revelation. This is an excellent reading experience regardless of the amount of Biblical knowledge a person may posses.






Grace Grid

Johnson, Eric








God Loves The Common Person

Johnson, Terry W

There is nothing common about our God, Who continues to display His power and might in the lives of everyday people. God’s love for the common person has been revealed throughout the Bible, and it continues even today. If you need to be encouraged in your faith to trust Him for another moment or another day, get ready to experience His love as God makes Himself known to you in this book.






A Passionate Heart

King, Janice







You Were Made for Such a Time as This

Kirkland, Carrianne

Carrianne has a love for God that is not often witnessed among her generation. A faith in Him that is unshakable. She has written this book to share God’s hope with other singles and to remind you that He has plans for you and wants to touch your heart. You Were Made For Such A Time offers this hope and reminds you that you don’t have to settle for the person or relationship you were not meant to be in. The wisdom and truth packed in this book is sure to encourage you in your journey of singleness. You will discover that a relationship with God is the only answer to true peace and joy.






Enoch Walked With God

Levendusky, Derek








The 12 Myths of Evangelism

Levendusky, Derek








Discipleship by Grace

Levendusky, Derek








He Who Honors Me

Levendusky, Derek Joseph; Kim, Mike

It all begins with our relationship with God. If we cease to honor God, we will never honor His Word. And if we cease to honor God, we will never honor others. Our prayer for this book is to redeem the virtue of honor in worship leaders, and consequently, in the worship services of the local churches or other gatherings this book may influence. If God will grace us with the restoration of honor among us, we have all taken a large step toward revival in the church, and reformation in society.






Prirucnik Za Obuku Vjernika

Mahoney, Ralph









Practical Biblical Guide in Handling Stress

Mamboleo, George








Youth Ministry Sketches . . .that aren’t Lame

Massé, Mike







Where is Love

McFadden, Cindy







Selected Works of Elizabeth V. Baker

Miller, John








Selected Works of the Duncan Sisters

Miller, John







Missionary Memoirs

Orr, Gael; Miller, Jeff

A wonderful Devotional for Short Term Mission trips. It is not only a devotional but a guide and powerful tool to prepare those heading out to the mission field. Teen and older. POWERFUL






International Love Transplant

Ott, Diane

Read these poems in a peaceful environment so you can reflect on them. Pay attention to the details of a life with God; the power and orientation of the Holy Spirit; the authority of the His Word; the freedom to express our feelings to God and the confidence of waiting for Jesus’ grace and mercy. These are the roads that will lead you to adore and to serve God.





Jesus Is Lord

Pryor, Susan

There are days when prayer requires endurance and persistence, when answers seem nonexistent, and communication with God is a hope rather than a reality. Those are days in which prayers are sent up to the Throne Room, but no discernible response is sent back. It is in these times, the dry and enduring times, the prayer of faith-alone times when intimate, personal communion with God is but yesterday’s memory that suddenly a breeze springs up. It moves a veil. Something is seen shining just beyond our vision. We want it. God fully reveals that which He had but partially exposed. This books help guide us to that place.





The Five Fold Ministry

Pryor, Susan

The Five Fold Ministry True or False, is a refreshing look at these very important gifts and offices in the Church. Susan, a clear writer walks the reader through a clear understanding of what these ministries are and what they are not. Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are God’s gifts to the Church and they are often misunderstood. Susan clears up the many areas of confusion in the Church today. If you, like so many others, don’t believe that Jesus’ gifts have been fully accepted or its goals fully met, read on. In this book you will learn the purposes and functions of each of these gifts and the traits of the men and women who serve in them honorably. You will also learn of the counterfeit gifts and those who serve in them dishonorably, May God bless you as we grow.






The Exploding Church

Reid, Tommy








Ethics, Excellence and Economics

Reid, Tommy








Your Leadership Style Matters

Rulewicz, Bob








Joseph: the making of a leader

Rulewicz, Sandra







More Than an Adventure

Tanner, Hedi

Ernie Tanner, as he sets out as God’s pioneer on his tour of Africa, senses the hidden cry of tribes, areas and villages that have not yet been reached. After his return to Europe this call does not leave him. Whoever reads this book will be drawn into a great venture with God. Sometimes you will hold your breath. You feel the tension, and you will not only be a witness of battles and victories but also of disappointments and fears. Throughout history God has been on the lookout for people who trust Him completely, who have, against all human conception, the courage to follow His instructions. It sometimes comes to the brink of endurance, but God is always greater. That is also the way Ernie Tanner and his whole family experienced it.





A Life of Holy Intimacy and Power

Thomas, Timothy

There are powerful truths presented in this book that will be of great blessing to you. Some of the most powerful verses in all of Scripture are found in Ephesians 3:17-20, which are written about in their respective chapters. These verses seem to suggest that the secret to God doing amazing things in and through one of His followers is that they truly grasp, through divine revelation in the depth of their being, that God is incredibly in love with them! This book will profoundly impact your life. It is a treasure to be enjoyed.






Memoirs of a Chicken Sniffer

Ward, Leo

This is one funny book. Cover to cover funny. Stories from the Life of Leo Word. It is hard to believe all this happened to one guy. Leo looks at life from a slightly different view, one that is truly unique. Enjoy!






The Prophets

Weaver, Terry

Terry Weaver has over 30 years of teaching experience at universities and as a missionary. In this volume you will see how God spoke to mankind through the prophets whose messages we find recorded in the Holy Bible. While their prophecies were directed to various people over a long period of time the messages are timeless in that they deal with the rebellion and redemption of mankind. The final seventeen books of the Old Testament along with the book of Revelation in the New Testament, speak to us as clearly today with practical insights for daily living, for correction and for encouragement as they did when they were written so long ago. So open your bible, and let the prophets speak…






Making Disciples of Oral Learners

Willis, Avery




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