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Letters from an Attic

Cowles, Barbara

In searching for her family’s roots in Canandaigua, New York, Barbara Cowles became intrigued with her grandmother’s life. She decided to compare this life with her mother’s and then hers. By using the device of each woman writing letters to a friend, she was able to show how different the times were and yet that some things in life remain the same, no matter the year. All the facts in this book are true; in some cases where the particulars were not available, literary license was used.





Keepers of the Conscience

Giordano, David K.

How did the ancient Maya acquire the knowledge that our year contained 365.22 days? And, who or what gave them that knowledge? Why would one name a ship the Vampire that sunk in 1851 off the coast of Sable Island? If there is an omnipotent being-we call God-who created the universe, why wouldn’t He create life on other worlds? Explorers living centuries apart discover man received discreet knowledge that influenced ancient civilizations and the givers of that knowledge steer the events of today. Now man has fallen into temptation again putting distant worlds on a collision course fueled by greed. Can the Keepers of the Conscience diffuse the coming Armageddon, or will the world end soon as many ancient cultures predict?






Lochloosa Lake

Hall, Phil

Lochloosa Lake, a place of daunting mystery and critical uncertainties, is about to overflow. As the gator infested water rises, so does the haunting that lurks just beneath the surface. The great dam of the unknown is about to burst pouring ages of hidden secrets into the present. When Ray comes face to face with its unearthed truth, will he be prepared for what comes next? More importantly, will you?





The King’s Secret

Levendusky, Derek

A forgotten orphan. A cruel guardian. A cold world. A kind king. Take a journey with Jane of Aldengate from the sorrows of her abandonment to the joy of her freedom. For in the Land of Aletheia, there is a secret hidden in a king’s heart that will change the course of this poor orphan girl’s life, and stun a nation. This book was written to encourage young readers in the grace of God, and to provide parents with a tool to teach the truths of God’s grace to their children. Each chapter is simple, and contains powerful lessons for young believers, complete with discussion questions. Take the journey alone or together as a family, and learn the king’s secret.






Mills, Nicolette

The country of Ayphon has been seeking the final words to a dire prophecy for many years. When Dark learns that his mother has those words in her possession, he is shocked. He is even more astounded when he learns that he and his twin sister, Light, are to be his country’s saviors. Forewarning of a sinister evil, the prophecy urges them to begin a journey to defeat an unknown foe. When a horrible fate befalls their village, the two are marked with their call of destiny. They have no choice but to set off in quest of an army that will stand by them, marching into the thick of battle even though it could mean their lives. If this unlikely bunch of warriors cannot defeat this foe, their country will be the first of many to fall.




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