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A non-profit organization dedicated to providing life-critical information to those who need it most. Our mission is to publish vital information in multiple languages and countries around the world, making sure that it is accessible to everyone who needs it.

We understand the importance of accurate and timely information in critical situations, which is why we strive to make our resources available to as many people as possible. Our team is committed to assisting organizations and individuals with their publishing needs, helping them to effectively communicate important information to their communities.

Headquartered in Cuenca, Ecuador, the ILN has a global reach and has effectively supported many ministries, organizations, NGOs, and individuals with the resources to publish. We believe that everyone should have access to life-saving information, and we are dedicated to making that a reality.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope that you will find our resources helpful in your efforts to provide vital information to those who need it most.

Pricing Model


Publishing a book is $200. Layout is $1.50 a page for book interior. Cover design and file creation is $100 – $300 depending on the cover artist chosen. You only pay for what you need. Pricing your book is determined by the author in consultation with the director of the ILN (International Localization Network Inc.).

Author compensation is determined by the retail price of the book minus the manufacturing cost, which is $2.50 for binding, publishing and cover plus 1.7 cents per page. For example, if the retail price of a book is $20 and it has 200 pages, the manufacturing cost would be $5.90 ($2.50 + $0.017 x 200), and the author compensation would be $6.60 ($20 – $5.90 – ($20 x 0.4)).

Ingram is the distributor and we provide 40% of the retail price for distribution, which includes distributor and retail. If the author sells the book off his/her own supply, which can be purchased at the manufacturing cost, then of course there is no distribution cost.

Here are some examples:

  • A 100-page book with no cover design would cost $350 to publish ($200 for publishing + $150 for layout).
  • A 300-page book with a cover designed by a cover artist that charges $200 would cost $1,250 to publish ($200 for publishing + $450 for layout + $600 for cover design).