Peru – Working with the Deaf

Operation Peru:

After 250 Books and over 25 ministries and organizations served. We are looking forward to our biggest adventure yet. Over the past 20 years involved with publishing ministries, we have traveled to over 25 countries. While serving with the late Jonathan Edwards in peru John introduced us to an amazing group of young people at the school for the deaf in Nuevo Cajamarca, Peru. While there he indtroduced us to the teacher and students who were nothing short of amazing. Unlike here where our education system both state and local helps bring our deaf community some of the finest education in the world. This has happened over the past few decades and now many would say it is on par with their hearing brothers and sisters. In Peru it is not that way. In Peru’s outling communities they have, few resourses, few teachers, and the deaf community there is hoping for much needed help. Just before our brother Jonathan Edwards past and through the help of the ILN was able to provide some teaching resources.

The day Jonathat passed away he emailed the Peru project manager Tom Shine his priorities. Just hours before his sudden passing. It was in that email that we learned that it was one of Jon’s greatest priorities to help support this fledgling deaf school in Nuevo Cajamarca that serves a very large region of that isolated part of peru. 

Tom, has traveled to this community a number of times and recently has returned with a clear mandate to connect this school to the resources they need. This is our current mandate and will continue until we can get this school on its feet. 

Our goals are as follows:

Provide materials for teaching: Using our publishing capacity and understanding we  have already started communicating with the school in peru. Randy Johnson has connected with the DAS (deaf access services) and spoken with the director of that division of People Inc, where Randy works. They have offered to support the effort with advise and have already been extreemly helpful in helping us identify a clear way forward. 

Randy has also begun a long road to learning sign langauge. He is hoping that his work learning ASL (American Sign Langague) will help him with the signing in the Peruvian Spanish Sign langauge. He is finding that many of the signs work in both areas, and many of them don’t. So he has his work cut out for himself. 

But as with other langauges the ILN has become very adept at providing material in languages that they don’t know. Using the localization method the ILN has a robust and extensive experience moving material accross a language devide. The ILN is currently bulding a team to move the much needed deaf material into the local language so that the families of these deaf children will have resources that will allow them to also use sign langauge to communicate with the children. Friends and extended family will also be able to sign and allow these deaf young people to have relationships with those they love. The ILN will also be developing curriculm for the school. Peru has not developed the extensive resources we have here. We will be securing necissary sign language learning material that we will be able to adapt to the peruvian deaf community.