Welcome to ILN and Five Stones Publishing

Dear Authors --

At the International Localization Network (ILN) and Five Stones Publishing, we’re more than just publishers—we’re your partners in bringing your literary vision to the forefront of global consciousness. Founded by Randy Johnson, we pride ourselves on being facilitators in the truest sense, offering tailored publishing solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our Services & Pricing

* Publishing Services: For a one-time fee of $250, we cover all the essentials—from acquiring your ISBN to preparing your file and integrating your book into a global bookseller network. This ensures your book is accessible not just through Amazon but across English-speaking countries worldwide, with regional production and shipping to minimize costs for international readers.

* Layout Services: Our team of experts can professionally layout your book for 1.75/page

* Editing: After reviewing your manuscript, we’ll provide a quote for editing services, tailored to the level of support your book requires.

Pricing Your Book & Revenue Split

Together, we’ll work to set the best retail price for your book, offering a range of options to maximize your earnings. Here’s a quick example:
* Retail Price: $20
* Book Base Cost: $3.00
* Per Page Cost (150 pages): $2.625
* Total Production Cost: $5.625 per book
* Your Earnings (via distributors like Amazon): $6.375 per book
* Direct Sales Earnings: Up to $13.375 per book, excluding minor shipping and tax costs.
(This is just for example only, your pricing will reflect the size and details of your particular book, but this give you a good idea as to price.)

An annual $15 fee is required to keep your book in the system, covered by your initial publishing fee for the first year.

Kindle Book Publishing and Audio Books

At ILN and Five Stones Publishing, we excel in transforming written works into engaging digital experiences, specializing in Kindle books and audiobooks. Our team is adept at navigating the intricacies of Kindle publishing, ensuring that each novel or text-based book is optimized for the best possible reader experience. For a standard novel or primarily text-based book, we offer competitive pricing starting at $125. This base price covers the comprehensive conversion process, with adjustments made for books that include a higher number of images, graphs, or other elements that require additional formatting. Our expertise extends to the creation of high-quality audiobooks as well, providing authors with an opportunity to reach audiences who prefer listening to their literature. While we focus on ensuring the best production values for audiobooks, please contact us directly for more information and pricing on these services.

Our Ethical Commitment

As a Christian publisher, we’re committed to maintaining a strong moral line, focusing on publishing life-critical information needed by underprivileged and least reached communities worldwide. Proceeds from our publications support this mission, ensuring your work contributes to a greater cause.

Join Us

We’re excited about the possibility of working together to share your work with a global audience. For any questions or to discuss your project further, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Warm regards,

Randy Johnson
Publisher, ILN and Five Stones Publishing

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” – Matthew 28:19