Empowring the Least Reached Through Knowledge


The International Localization Network (ILN)

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2007 with a mission to bring life-critical information to those most in need. At ILN, we are dedicated to serving the least reached communities around the globe, focusing on publishing and material development for groups often overlooked due to their size, language, or accessibility. Our journey began with a profound realization in Bosnia Herzegovina in 2002, when Coral and Randy Johnson discovered the dire need for accessible religious and educational materials. Since then, our commitment has expanded across continents, bringing books into over 30 countries and over 17 languages in Africa alone. Our work is driven by a vision to empower through knowledge, ensuring that every community, no matter how remote, has access to vital information.


This initiative highlights ILN's commitment to not just publishing but also to educational development that promotes behavioral change for health and sustainability.